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Learning Centre Update

Our Learning Centre has been very busy with their learning! Each day, the students are engaged in a range of learning tasks in both English and Mathematics... and always look forward to a visit from principal, Mr Dempsey.

In English, students are engaged in tasks such as phonics, reading and writing.

In Mathematics we have been learning about concepts such as volume and capacity, length, addition and subtraction.

The students have enjoyed learning through a range of hands-on learning tasks and working in pairs and groups.

A particular highlight has been working with Mr Dempsey to pick oranges from our school orange tree. The orange tree has been at Nazareth for a long time, although it was only recently discovered by the students in the Learning Centre.

Mr Dempsey explained to the students how to know if the oranges are ready to eat and the best way to pick them from the tree. The children were even lucky enough to enjoy eating some of the delicious oranges! The students described them as being "yummy and delicious".